Organizing For Kosher Kitchens

Photo by ArchiViz/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ArchiViz/iStock / Getty Images

That’s right, we know Kosher!

Organization is particularly important when it comes to kosher kitchens, but not all kitchens are designed with that in mind. While you know your kitchen best, we can facilitate making it more organized without compromising separation. Whether you’re moving in to a new home or finishing up a renovation, we can help:

  • Move you in to your new kitchen

  • Re-Organize your existing kitchen

  • Advise on where to store your kosher for passover kitchenwares

*Please note that Swenhome representatives may not themselves keep kosher, but may need to eat at some point during their workday. Since there are many ways our clients follow the laws of kashrut, please make sure to let your organizer know ahead of time what aspects of their packed lunch may be allowed in to your home so they can plan accordingly.