Everything you Need To Know About The elfa® Redesign Process

One of the many things that we love about elfa® is that you can re-purpose and re-use it over and over again. As your needs change, so can your storage solutions!

Redesigning elfa® is approached differently than when you first designs and installed. If you don't yet own elfa then we look forward to assisting you, but you might want to hit the "back" button. Despite the wordiness of this page, having your elfa redesigned is a fairly straight-forward for our clients, we just want you to know a few things.

From Consultation to Purchase

During your consultation your organizer will measure and inventory all of your elfa® product. It is helpful for us to know ahead of time if you already own elfa® and would like to re-use it as it may take up to an additional hour for us to complete this step.

Swenhome does charge an additional fee for this service, typically $180.

Just like the first time, we will email your design(s) to you and make any changes you need. The price on the design will reflect the cost of the product if you were to buy the closet new.

Finally, when you love your closet design and are ready to place your order, we cross reference the inventory we took during our consultation with the components that make up your new closet. We can make small changes to your design to ensure we're reusing as much of what you own as reasonably possible. We'll have The Container Store mark those components as "owned" and we will present you with your new price.

At this point we ask that no further changes be made or we may charge $75/hour for design time. This charge can be avoided by making all design changes prior to agreeing to us marking your owned product.

Installation costs

Uninstalling Disassembling elfa® is a necessary and relatively quick part of the process. Since most elfa solutions are only anchored to the wall at the top track, many of our clients are comfortable doing it themselves (add that to the list of reasons we love elfa®!) If you're too busy or not in the mood to DIY, you can hire a very efficient Container Store-approved installer to to do the uninstalling for you!

The first hour of uninstallation is $100 and $65 per hour for each hour spent uninstalling thereafter.*


elfa® installs are based on the total value of the installed product and are calculated at about 25% the cost of the product. Discounts and promotions may not apply.

Lets use the example of a $1,000 elfa® design

You, as someone who already owns most of your elfa®, might have a $1,000 design, but $800 of that product you purchased at a previous date and we're re-using it in this new design! Even though your purchase may be only $200, the installers are still doing the work to install $1,000 worth of elfa product. In this case, installation would cost about $250 before tax, parking, tolls, and mileage (which don't all apply to everyone). If you take the product down prior to the installer's arrival, you'll save a little, otherwise please remember that you are responsible for paying the installer for their time, which we can estimate ahead of time.

Questions? Concerns? Call us at 845.544.7793 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

*This pricing is subject to change although we will provide you with a quote after consultation. The installation fee includes the removal of up to two shelves and closet rods per wall, as well as related patchwork and touch-ups with a flat white paint. As with all installations, removal of any additional shelving (such as shoe shelves, built-in dresser shelves, cabinets or drawers) or specific paint request will require an additional fee. Installation of previously purchased products will require an additional fee. All personal items must be removed from the space before the installer arrives. The installer will place debris and product packaging where directed at the jobsite, but cannot carry it away for disposal. The fee for installation is collected when the installation is complete.